Greeted by a cherry red ambience that represents happiness and good fortune colouring every corner of the place, Celestial Court really brings out the sentiment of old China to dine in for a great round of dim sum. With quite a number of Chinese restaurants situated within KL, the place managed to stay on top of the list and we know exactly why. Dim sums are served freshly and will not burn a hole in your wallet considering the services and food served. Chef Vincent Loo, the right hand man steering the ship is a well-known celebrity chef for his astounding artwork. Never a disappointment whenever one gets the chance to dive in such.

No less capable than Chef Loo, Chef Ken is also recognised for his dim sums that are made with passion and warmth towards the classic Cantonese gourmet. On the surface, the place is well-known for its dim sums featuring over 70 authentic dim sums all thanks to Chef Ken.

Beyond than a mere dim sum galore, Celestial has also divided the menus into categories ranging from soups to noodles and also a mini dessert buffet. Crispy duck is one of the recommended. Not many have had a good crispy duck however this house serves an assured one. The crispy skin retains all the flavours inside the juicy meat for a bite full of pleasant surprise.

This grand Cantonese restaurant adorned with posh and grandeur setting is ideal for banquets, functions or even a casual dining with loved ones especially when it is conveniently located in Sheraton Imperial KL itself. 

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