Carlton Gourmet @ Ritz-Carlton Hotel City Center

Ritz Carlton KL has been offering five star services to its patrons, and this includes its dining amenities where one of them is Carlton Gourmet. Situated at the residences building of Ritz Carlton that cater more to long term guests, hotel guests could easily walk a distance to enjoy a simpler setting to have their meal. However, Carlton Gourmet is probably known best for its array of scrumptious cakes.

The most decadent of all cakes at Carlton Gourmet would have to be their chocolate cakes. With luxurious chocolate flavours paired with tastes of fruits and ingredients, it would make all the other cakes you’ve eaten before pale in comparison. A good slice of chocolate cake is not difficult to find but the kind that gives you a rush and leave tingles all the way to your toes; it’s not something found every day. In the beginning of 2014, Ritz Carlton International gave their pastry chefs a task to create ‘The World’s Best Chocolate Cake’ to represent the luxury, pleasure and prestige that the chain hotel is known for. As named by the chef who made the chosen chocolate cake, ‘The Cake’ is a rich, moist Valrhona chocolate sponge cake layered with bitter caramel and orange ganache made with Grand Marnier liquor. A slice would let you feel what a chocolate heaven would taste like.

There is a price to pay for all that luxury but in the face of treating yourself and your palate to something extraordinary is worth spending a bit of money for. Carlton Gourmet also accepts cake orders for different functions. Their cakes are best enjoyed with their coffee ranging from cappuccino to latte and espresso, all made by using the finest ‘Illy’ beans from Italy.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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