Caffe Bene @ Soho KL Mont Kiara

This is another coffee story; except this coffee story is not really about coffee. Yes, it’s a café but what kept people coming are their international flavours. Give it to the Koreans to have an Italian café name, Italian Gelato, Belgian Waffles, their own South Korean Bingsu, and toasts that at this point should probably be promoted as French (they’re toasts, just not French). This is the story about Caffébene, a popular Korean brand that has made their name in China, U.S.A, Saudi Arabia and South East Asia. A few years later, with multiple branches up their sleeve and projects for more across the world, Caffébene are adding to the Korean cult.

The signature dish at Caffébene is definitely its Korean Bingsu, translated as shaved ice. If we have ABC and Cendol, the Koreans have Bingsu to be proud of. The most common is called Pat Bingsu, ‘pat’ means red beans, and the shaved ice is served along with chopped fruits and drizzled with milk. It is a very popular dessert, but even the South Koreans are now popularising different flavours to this centuries-old dish. At Caffébene, they gave it a fresh take by adding strawberries. Other varieties available are Cookies and Cream, Green Tea and Coffee. When a shop brings together flavours of the world it’s expected to have fusion foods. The Belgian Waffles are served together with Gelato, or Korean rice cakes (‘tteok’) that gives it its chewiness. If you need something more fulfilling, you can choose the crowd favourites, Garlic and Cheese Honey Bread, or the Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread. Of course, Caffébene is still a café that serves coffee so go ahead and choose from their selection of coffee and non-coffee beverages. Then there’s their Green Tea Latte and Sweet Potato Latte, perfect for those looking to try something different.