Taking Belgian waffles as their centre of attraction, this Taiwanese-looking concept cafe, Cafe 5 offers you sweet and savoury Belgian waffles that you can never find elsewhere.

Tucked in the middle of a busy alley in Pudu, this cafe sells one-of-a-kind savoury waffle, Murakami. This best-selling flavour is topped with paper-thin shavings of preserved skipjack tuna, with dressing such as mayonnaise.

For big groups, ordering a bigger portion of waffles for sharing is a better option. Willy Wonka (which comprises of waffles, marshmallows, salted egg yolk, durian, and matcha ice creams, banana and strawberry slices dipped in Belgian chocolate fondue) is highly recommended.

Hopping to the bandwagon of offering trendy ice-cube coffees and the rumoured healthier caffeine alternative, Cafe 5 serves milky Ice Cubes Coffee (big thumbs up to the perfect ratio of milk and coffee) and the Insta-worthy and healthier Bamboo Charcoal Caffe Latte. For those who like the bitter-sweet taste for a drink, the combination of chocolate and matcha - Chocha would be perfect.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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