Bunn Choon is an establishment that began in 1893 and has spanned over four generations. It is arguably the best place for good old fashion Chinese pastry, as claimed by various blogs and reviews. Time may have changed and technology has made its contributions, but the recipe was kept as original as it can be which could attribute to the stall’s continuous success.

Bunn Choon is most famously known for its egg tarts, although some of its dishes like Pineapple tarts, Kaya rolls and Chinese wedding biscuits have also made their way into customers’ hearts. The combination of deliciously flaky pastry with their creamy egg filling is just too good for anyone to pass up. As the shop was established so long ago, there weren’t many choices for shortening to tenderise the dough, so most Chinese bakeries at the time would use pork lard as a substitute, and Bunn Choon has been maintaining this tradition for more than a hundred years. The current owner has also introduced new flavours like charcoal black sesame and green tea in order to modernise their selection whilst still keeping the traditional recipe intact.

Many patrons would make their way to Imbi Market to satisfy their morning cravings. The stalls around would be filled and with its delicious pastries (especially the egg tarts), its location among those stalls and best of all, the price that is cheaper than most, Bunn Choon transcends time. It is places like this that keep traditions and cultures alive for generations to come.

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