Steaks, ribs and western cuisine in general. When people say those words, what would it be that pops up in the appetite crazed mind of yours? Premium cuts? High quality ingredient? Juicy and tender steaks? For me, it is all those and more. Western cuisine, at least for people here in Malaysia, it is not something that many of us eat on a regular basis. Usually, it would be for a special occasion or something – birthdays, wedding anniversaries or company dinner. 

To add up to the experience, friendly presence from close buddies, girlfriends or family. Fresh premium cuts of meat, high quality ingredients and sizzling plates, in that context, also does add towards that memorable dinner you are expecting. Nestled in the very commercialised and densely populate residential area of Kuala Lumpur, or more specifically, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Boathouse Restaurant and Bar is not your usual western cuisine restaurant, which specialises in serving pork, so plenty of different styles of pork dishes is what you would get. 

Chef Yenni Law opened this restaurant about a decade back with the passion for good food and humble personality who also launched her very own cook book, Meatology in partnership whith MPH. In the book, she did mentioned that it was her mother who ignited her passion and trained her for the world of food and beverages. The restaurant, features a modern and rustic décor, lighted with not so dim but not so bright lights and is filled with an atmosphere of passion and love from the staff, brought down from their founder. 

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