Boat Noodle @ myTOWN Kuala Lumpur

The floating market of Ayutthaya has brought about a dish that is widely known not only to the locals but also across borders of Thailand. Kuai teow ruea or better known as boat noodle is a dish that consists of rice noodle smothered in beef, chicken or pork, and drenched in dark soy sauce with pickled bean curd and other spices. Hot and spicy is an option if you are digging for a much original and authentic taste rather than its usual mildness. Boat Noodle franchises do not only focus solely on this famous dish instead any Thai street food hankering by many locals is also available to be satisfied.  

If a first-time customer is unsure on what is the best choice to make, have a go for 4 bowls of RM1.90 bowl of Thai rice noodle recommended by the restaurant itself and side snacks to be coupled with. It may sound ridiculous to have that many amounts of bowls to eat but first-timer will be in for a surprise to see the restaurants packed with people and hefty length of bowl stack on the table but worry not, the portions are not as big as a mountain and just enough to make one’s stomach full for the rest of the day. Thai Popeye’s Tempura, being one of the most-selling dishes is perfect as a side as the spinach leaves are fried in light batter to give them a crispy taste. Single-plate meal is also available such as the Bangkok Omelette with Sood Yat Sauce Rice or the Kra-Pow Chicken Rice for a little bit of spiciness. 

In addition to the meal, cha-yen or better known as the famous Thai iced tea is a must-have to complete the Ayutthaya experience.