Cupcakes are among the most sought-after dessert at any time of the day, little poofy pearls that are a pleasure to the eyes and stomach. On the other hand, there are a dime and a dozen to pick and wasting calories on mediocre bites are aching. Mulling over your next choice? Make your way to the third floor of KLCC where a little gem is churning out drool-inducing cupcakes.

It’s easy to spot with white-washed bricks, brightly-lid chandelier, and long-stretch of glass shelf where a smorgasbord of colourful cupcakes takes place.  For first timers, it’s a massive conundrum yet the amiable staffs are happy to give suggestions. Among the firm favourites are Vanilla Sky, Red Velvet, Dark Secret, Rainbow and Easter cupcakes. Once you’re done cherry-picking, there’s a comfy seating right behind to gobble down your luxurious sugar fix. Every bite is worth comforting your cheat on a diet with velvety frosting and soft spongy center.

However for those who are coming with voracious appetite, cupcakes are surely not your cup of tea, yet Bisou Bake Shop also serves hearty delights such as sandwiches, big breakfast, Shepherd’s pie, mee siam and many more, which is a pleasant surprise. If you opt for a change of sweetness, assorted cakes, tarts and pies are putting up a tough fight to catch up with the cupcakes. Beverage-wise, their range of freshly brewed and aromatic coffees makes the best companions to the sweet treats. Sharing is caring, they also provide gift wrappings to fill them up with cupcakes, perhaps the sweetest gift ever for your loved ones.