After a tiring grocery shopping session at Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika, you probably want to take a break and get yourself some sweet treats. Head over to the bright and cool-looking café called, Ben’s Bake Shop. The bakery is adjacent to many other popular cafés including Plan B’s Roasters and B’Witched Sandwich Bar. The place is filled with white, black, and yellow hues presenting a really nice minimalistic look to it. The coffee shop serves plenty of freshly made cakes, cookies, and even churros to match its siblings’ similarly lip-smacking offerings.

People go crazy over their delicious donuts that comes with mouth-watering and intentionally drip out fillings. For example, the Salted Caramel & Honeycomb Donut, which proudly exhibits all over Instagram with its signature meringue coiffure, and the Purple Kaya Donut, which attracts anyone not just for its eccentric shade but its velvety, fragrant palate that somehow reminisces of childhood days. If New York has their cronuts version, Malaysia has their own twist of cronuts which they call the KLonut. It is crumbly and flaky in texture, and of course delightful in flavour. KLonut comes in three flavours – Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel for patrons who prefer something sweet and savoury, Lemon Meringue for those who want a little tang, and Hazelnut Custard for a classic option.

Apart from the scrumptious dessert selections displayed at the counter, you can also opt for delightful sweet treats created by their pastry chef, Mabel Cheah. If you want some suggestions, go for the Chocolate Conversation that consists of a blend of skill and quaintness, with balsamic ice cream as the main attraction of the plate, and other elements such as milk chocolate chibouks and caramel chocolate tuile to enhance.

So, take a little detour from shopping and stop by Ben’s Bake Shop to indulge in delectable desserts. After all, the groceries can wait, but your cravings can’t.