Friends bring happiness into your life, but best friends bring beer! As your best friend, let us introduce you one of a beer lover’s hidden gem – Beer Bank.  Beer Bank is a hidden bar located at Wisma Lim Foo Yong and nestled all the way at the back of Selection Grocery store, offering 250 types of beer.

The concept of Beer Bank is simple – a bar concealed deep inside an unsuspecting grocery store. They were established during the end of November 2018 and has been a hot spot for craft beer lovers nationwide and worldwide.

The interior of Beer Bank is dimly lit and spacious with a bar in the middle where people pay for their drinks and ample number of tables for patrons to chill and try beers from all over the world. Furthermore, at the corner of Beer Bank is one of the most unique beer pong tables made of beer bottles so do gather around with your buddies for a game or two.

Lastly, the owner of Beer Bank wants to bring others to understand and experience different cultures through beers, so Beer Bank is spoiled with 250 types of beers that come from Germany, HongKong, Japan and more! He is planning to increase the types of beer to 500 so do swing by as Beer Bank’s great atmosphere and ambience will definitely bring you to another world.