There are two types of burgers in Malaysia; roadside burgers, and culinary burgers (then there are fast food burgers which will always be a guilty pleasure). Depending on one's mood, sometimes we just want to eat a good, sloppy, roadside burger, and then there are times when we want to be taken through a culinary experience. As far as indie burger joints go, Buns. is still relatively new to the scene.

Opening for business back in 2014, it is however, one of the few indie burger joints around Sri Hartamas. The interior is cosy and modern with a clever mix of exposed brick walls, wooden tables and falling lights. 

The burger menu is separated into beef and non-beef burgers such as chicken and fish. The creation of the burger with a Mexican flair, the Guac, combines succulent beef patty, homemade guacamole (thus the name), salsa, and topped with crispy onion rings, is unique enough to attract interests. Burgers like the Asian flavoured, S.E.A, and the egg-y Champ are also top sellers. Those who feel less for beef can try Chick, a thigh meat chicken burger, or Dory that is tempura-fried.

Buns may be a burger bar but it doesn’t hurt to try their other options inclusive of their pasta selection, salads, and appetisers with dishes like Sweet Potato fries and Gyutan, a mixture of ox tongue, Japanese ponzu and daikon. Buns. also have a brunch menu which runs from 11AM to 5PM, and the best part is that people at Buns. accepts requests for burger customisation. With their own style and knack for difference and creativity, Buns. is certainly worth a try. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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