Beast Bar & Grill is an experience for all meat lovers craving for juicy steaks, hearty burgers, mouth-watering lobsters and many more delicious dishes available. Beast is definitely a place that’s not for the weak hearted. Beast is owned by Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG) group a successful group that have successfully set up several restaurants, bars and grills.

Located on the ground floor of The Intermark Mall Kuala Lumpur. Ginormous lettering of the word ‘BEAST’ is placed outside the restaurant against the walls decorated with light bulbs outlining the letters. It is said to be a cross between a Hollywood movie set of a romantic scene. Fashioned with antique clocks, warm lightings, white candles along with atmospheric music playing in the background. As for privacy, group diners can opt for the private function room which is furnished with several plush leather armchairs.

As for their menu, you’ll be tempted by the 6 hours sous vide grilled rack of lamb that’s crafted perfectly and a culinary artwork that’s done right. Also to those who lives and breathes money get a hold of the half-a-lobster pappardelle, hot smoked salmon salad for the need-to-diet-but-not-making-any-progress eaters or the roasted miso cod to those who always opt for the fancy fish when giving the opportunity but barely fills up your stomach.

Also, not forgetting dessert, you’ll have a selection of beautifully dessert art piece. And again, all that culinary art tuition definitely paid off. Try the Tangy Passion Fruit and mango Tropical Accents, The Beasty Tiramisu or the Pavlova with fresh seasonal fruits.

For a fancy night and slightly over your budget for the middle class is definitely worth a try. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Friday, Saturday

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