Beard Papa @ Mid Valley City Center

Our first hero is always our papa, however for cream puff aficionados; Beard Papa has always a spot in their heart. The reigning champions around the globe, earning epithet as “World’s Best Cream Puffs”, this can be witnessed by their mushrooming branches around the world, over 300 and still counting. Among their most anticipated joint is housed in the lower ground floor of Mid Valley, habitually patrons making a beeline for their authentic poofy pillows.

The name somewhat paints a picture in your mind, a charming caricature of an amiable man with white beard and a wide smile at the façade of the bright eatery. Warm and drool-inducing cream puffs are loaded into a row of baskets, as per their flavour fillings. Just pick as many as you can, remember you’re right in front the king of all cream puffs plus no preservations are used, only the highest quality of ingredients, therefore, zero guilt too. The original vanilla, chocolate, green tea, black sesame, mango and cookie are nabbing accolades equally.

The texture of the puff is second to none, spongy, bouncy and generously pumped with cream of your choice. Your first bite then opens the floodgate, the creamy goodness just amps up your salivation. Other delights on the menu include cheesecake sticks, éclairs and fondant chocolate, if you need a change of flavours after chomping down those puffs.

We always have that friend who seems to have envy on desserts, give him Beard Papa’s cream puff, you might see him leading the beeline in your next visit. Spanning more than 64 years and never a dip in quality, Beard Papa’s cream puff is tailor-made to jostle away the toughest day with a single bite.