Located in the right smack in the middle of the city centre, Baan 26 caters to those in need for an exotic meal hailing from all the way from the soil of Thailand. With its opening hours ranging from noon til past midnight, the place is patronised by folks prowling for lunch, dinner and of course, supper. 

In terms of its menu, the rustically furnished restaurant-cum-bar accommodates dishes with ingredients ranging from poultry, beef, lamb and seafood, aside from the myriad of vegetable dishes. With their culinary skills honed over the years, the chefs behind the scenes of this Thai restaurant whip up quite a storm of sumptuous Thai delicacies, with the most sought out for being their rendition of Pandan Chicken and Thai Green Duck Curry from the poultry category while seafood section entails the signature Lime and Chillies Steam Seabass. Of course, if you peruse their extensive menu, you will probably come across other seafood items as well such as prawns and squid. Having said that, if you're partial to either of the aforementioned seafood, do give Baan 26's rendition of Phrik Thai Stir-fried Prawn or Squid a try. 

And what Thai cuisine is complete without the presence of Tom Yam and here in Baan 26, they offer one of the best Tom Yam soup around town. Sour with the addition of a spicy kick, the tangy broth carries a wholesome burst of flavour along with various complementary textures derived from the ingredients present within the soupy goodness. Coconut soup with a creamy, rich consistency is also served here as well, a viable option for those who cannot tolerate the spiciness derived from the Tom Yam dish.

For those opting for a lighter bite, Baan 26's Mango Sticky Rice is one of the best alternative you can go for. Mildly sweet with a tinge of savouriness, the soft consistency of the ripe mangoes complements the sticky glutinous rice rather well. What's more, you can opt for your favourite cold beverage, with or without traces of alcohol -a bar remember?- to accompany your delectable food. All in all, a good place to dine if you wish for hearty Thai cuisine. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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