A passion for food that’s worth every bite. At Ashley’s you’ll be served a variety of ingenious dishes bringing together the best of interesting ingredients, creative cooking and exciting eating. Described as more than food connoisseurs. Pushing aside the stereotypical versions of purely chefs and cooks, at Ashley’s there are pioneers, engineers, parents, children, teachers, homemakers, scientists, students and of course chefs. A restaurant that looks forward to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

Located right next to Inside Scoop, you won’t be able to miss it with its huge canopy sign, you’ll know Ashley’s for sure. A not so fancy outside looking exterior due to its location. However, upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful modern surrounding that’s simply earthy, woody and totally down to earth. A setting that’s nature’s worth with beautiful colours. Customers will be able to sit in comfort, dining in with good food and just enjoying a well-relaxed atmosphere.

The menu features a variety of Western food. Cater to vegetarians, carnivores and vegans. Some of the recommended dishes would be the Breakfast Steak, Baked 3 Cheese, a Pescetarian’s dream which includes fresh prawns and squid in a tomato based sauce with spaghetti, Spicy Smoked Salmon Cake Pasta, Laksa Borneo, Genmai Lui Cha and their Nasi Kerabu. Also for a sweet finish, get your hands on the Living Chocolate Tart or the Organic Apple Crumble.

Ashley’s all about home-cooked food that’s made by passionate people who love healthy food just as much as you do. Sauces are made from scratch free from MSG, colourings, flavourings, softeners, fillers and other miscellanies.

If all of these elements check your list, you’ll love Ashley’s!

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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