Artisan Roast Coffee @ Bangsar Bangsar

Only being the second outlet located in the heart of Bangsar, Artisan Roast Coffee is one place to visit for those who have been worshipping coffee throughout their whole lives; or just basically those who really want the best coffee there is. On the other hand, for those who do not really fancy too much coffee, this place will definitely change your mind. The people behind the clockworks are said to be only the ones passionate about coffee and nothing else. Coffee here is taken very seriously as you can see the amount of commitment from sourcing the suitable beans to making sure they are well roasted before brewed.

You would be able to recognize Artisan Roast Coffee anywhere because of their strong fragrance of their brewed coffee. Surrounded by wooden tables, their simple and comfortable decoration often attracts passersby to take some time off and take a sip off their available menu. A blackboard version of a mind map hangs above the bar for you to make a decision on what you would prefer to have if you have a hard time deciding on either coffee, tea or a chocolate beverage.

Drinks are often served in a small glass but do not be discouraged. Small glasses are the ones being able to contain more solid taste of the coffee so you are able to get a little more worth of your money out of every sip.

Get some small delights to accompany your lonely cup of coffee with the available choices of homemade ice cream, macarons from Les Deux Garçons or brownies. They also have some homemade tasty cakes as well.