Popular among Bangsar people, Anuar’s Fish Head Curry or better known as Bangsar Fish Head Corner is a humble stall located around Lucky Garden that has drawn a lot of customers for their delectable fish head curry and mamak-style fried chicken for nearly 30 years. If you decided to have your lunch here, be ready for a long queue. However, there is nothing to worry about since they are very efficient. Since it is just a roadside stall, you might get a little uncomfortable with the heat in the afternoon and sharing tables with strangers. From a distance, you can already smell the delicious aroma from the spices and seasoning of their signature dishes. 


If you ask about the menu, it is pretty simple - fried chicken, fried fish and curry fish head. Yes, that is all that they have to offer. However, there is really nothing wrong with it since every single dish that they serve is simply delicious. Now, you might be thinking fried chicken is just fried chicken and everywhere you go they all tastes the same. Wait until you try the fried chicken at Anuar’s. Although it can be oily and small, but the taste is without a doubt very scrumptious. Pair it with rice and curry, it will be the perfect match made in heaven. As for the fish head curry, the red curry is filled with sourish and spicy flavour. Albeit the absence of coconut milk, it is very rich and flavoursome.


Most important of all, Anuar’s Fish Head Curry is a really cheap place to eat. You won’t be doing any damage to your wallet at all. Think about this; rice, curry, vegetables, fried chicken and Teh O' Ais can only cost you RM4. So if you are broke for the month and you want to eat something filling and delicious, you should definitely check out Anuar’s Fish Head Curry. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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