Al-Rawsha Restaurant Kampung Pandan

Al-Rawsha Restaurant is nestled near the roundabout in Kampung Pandan. Having taken its name from the legendary rock in Beirut, the restaurant looks like a faux-medieval castle from the outside and serves authentic middle eastern cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is extremely spacious with two floors and an ample amount of dining tables. Staying true to its theme, the decor is traditionally Arab. The staffs are friendly and attentive and will do their best to explain the dishes to you despite the language barrier.

The menu is extensive, ranging from traditional middle eastern dishes to seafood and grilled meat. The portions are hearty too, so it is best to come with an empty stomach. It can be daunting as all the names would seem unfamiliar to the typical Malaysian diner. For a safe bet, do sample the Kufta (middle eastern meatballs). Cooked in potatoes, the meatballs are sweet and juicy. They are pretty large too, and the potatoes are soft without falling apart. It is served with either piquant tomato sauce or tahini (ground sesame dip).

If you are a fan of chickpeas, do give the Falafel a try. This consists of deep fried balls of ground chickpeas and comes with a salad. The falafel is crispy, soft and crumbly at the same time. There is also a wide choice of Nasi Arab such as the mandy and kabsah rice dishes. The Chicken Mandy is a traditional Handramaut earth-baked rice served with tender chicken and dipping sauce. The rice comes in a huge portion as the long grain basmati rice has a lower sugar content than the regular white rice.

Do pair your meal with Arabic desserts like Baklava, or drinks such as Zhorat Tea and Mint Tea. Do note that there is a Surau available for patrons to pray, and that the restaurant is open 24 hours every single day of the week so that you can satisfy your craving for some delicious Arabic food at any time of the day.