Al Diafah Express Sri Petaling

Al Diafah is an Arabic restaurant located at Sri Petaling. The establishment began in 2006 as a small shop selling food products such as dates and nuts. Now, its a full fledged restaurant owned by Salleh Kym, and restaurant manager, Harris Harvey Siddick. Their ambition with Al Diafah was to serve society with food that touches the souls and brings to life the Middle Eastern culture. It can safely be said that their mission has come to life considering the restaurant is a hit with the Arab community who come from as far as Putrajaya and Bangi for a taste of the Middle East. This level of customer interaction even led them to opening another outlet in Kajang in the beginning of 2014, with two more branches in Shah Alam and Damansara expected to open soon.

Where the food is concerned, Al Diafah Express has a wide spectrum of dishes that cover appetisers, pastas, sandwiches, meats, seafood, kebabs, and rice dishes. However, the standout dish has to be the Royal Mixed Grill, which takes approximately 25 minutes to make. The dish has is served with crunchy toasted Arabian bread stuffed with lamb kebab dipped in Tahini Sauce, smokey-flavoured chicken kebab known as Shish Tawouk as well as lamb chops.

An interesting thing to note is that Al Diafah Express is that it still sells Arabic and Middle Eastern food products and beverages. Some of these include fruit juices such as mango, pomegranate, lemon, orange, etc. They also sell sweets, dates or date-based sweets, which go well with Arabic white coffee that’s also available here. So it’s very clear that Al Diafah Express can provide customers with the Arabic and Middle Eastern experience they’re looking for.