Steamboat galore is probably one of the thing that folks would never get tired of which explains as to why steamboat places keep mushrooming over the years. However, it is another story for Ah Koong Eating House. Ah Koong Eating House, or also known as Ah Koong Restaurant is a franchise line of which its first outlet was first established back in 1987 in the city of Johor Bahru. With its succession on standing against the test of time for the past decades, this restaurant definitely called in for its own expansion and alas Ah Koong outlet on Off Jalan Pudu was formed.

Famous for its splendid seafood selections, apparently the spotlight is also shed on the noodle dishes that either in soup or dry such as curry mee or the dry fish ball noodles. Different choices of soup to pair the noodles with either dry, tomyam, curry or clear soup. But of course, the wealthy abundance of steamboat ingredients is what makes the crowds go nuts. The seafood and balls are meant to complement the noodle dish but the possibility of having them on their own is a no doubt. The soup itself empowers the seafood what more if it is paired with a couple of noodles of your choice. Menus of seafood, seafood balls, or any ingredients meant for a bowl of yong tau foo are extensive enough for one to be unsettled. The usual meat balls or fish cakes are enough to salivate a person but with the addition of premium items such as oysters, clams, and prawns Ah Koong Eating House is without a doubt winning.