Located in the heart of Mont Kiara is this one eatery that serves rather good laksa, so y'all laksa aficionados out there, listen up. When it comes to serving decadent bowls of piping hot, heartening laksa, no one does it better that Ah Cheng Laksa, as far as Mont Kiara is concerned.

Ah Cheng Laksa sports a humble storefront with tables and chairs sprawled sporadically throughout the length of the shop. Employing a self-service method of ordering your preferred dishes, patrons will have to queue up beforehand in making their orders, much like other cafes littered around town. Menu wise, aside from laksa, this particular joint serves other local delicacies such as nasi lemak and curry mee

However, in all earnest, the spotlight is still occupied by their rendition of the laksa dish, through and through. Sporting laksa noodles that are firm and chewy in texture, a sinfully delicious broth comprising of chunky fish bits and fragrantly pungent shrimp paste is added into the fray, and the resulting dish is nothing short of beautiful. With the company of shredded cucumber and onion as well as chilli flakes, every mouthful is a burst of flavours entailing spiciness, sour tang as well as rich brininess, courtesy of the amount of fish bits present in the broth.

Thus, if it's laksa you're looking for in Mont Kiara, Ah Cheng Laksa is the way to go.