For many a few Malaysians, departmental stores such as Aeon or Parkson would be the few places on Earth where we will expect to find tantalising bites -no doubt owing to the fact that places like these are not emphasised on gastronomical aspects. But in Aeon of Mid Valley Megamall, they pulverised the stereotype, grinding it into dust and blowing it away with the winds as they accommodate to the masses with quite a selection of food. Good food, in fact.

In essence, Aeon is widely known as a purveyor of daily needs and whatnot as their various sections throughout the department store caters to different necessity of each and every individual. Hence it comes as a surprise when people started to flock towards a particular section in Mid Valley's Aeon, in search of food. And boy, do they deliver. 

Decked with a myriad of good eats ranging from deep fried tempura dishes and sushi to freshly baked bread and pastries as well as sumptuous main course meals hailing from both Western and Asian backgrounds, prospecting shoppers on the prowl for food would not be disappointed. As a side note, if you're ever there, look out for Aeon's rendition of the Penang asam laksa dish. Utilising a mouth-watering thick broth entailing chunks of flaky fish bits as well as copious amounts of shrimp paste, the savoury broth is riddled with laksa noodles denoting a firm texture. Coupled with the standard condiments of cucumber, onions as well as pineapple chunks and chilli, the dish will indubitably prove itself as the recharge you will need to push on with shopping later on.