Acme South brings about an Asian and Western twists to its dishes but leading towards of a Western style as an overall look. You’ll be pleased to find Acme South as one of the better-looking kind of food as well as delectable dishes served right to your table. Acme South’s concept is more of a local and international perspective on food. Placed at Bangsar Village a perfect hot spot for many, you’ll be greeted by a large signage right outside with its logo in between ‘Acme’ and ‘South’. The simple black lettering outshines the entire signboard.


The interior is set up in a modernised setting with different setups at different sections. Plenty of natural light pouring into the restaurant at certain areas of the restaurant while some have a cool, dimly, romantic setting. A totally chic furniture and décor that’s up to par with its high class standard.


The menu is quite something to talk about as there are plenty of good dishes to savour. You’ve got that smoked BBQ that’s probably a self-declared signature dish. Who could resist a juicy 12-Hour Smoked Black Angus BBQ Twofer (Brisket and Ribs), the 6-Hour Smoked BBQ Chuck Ribs or the 4-Hour Smoked Chicken. There’s a load of rice, risottos and pasta that’s something to think about. You’ve got a variety of side dishes such as the mac & Cheese, Caesar Salad and Creamed Mashed Potatoes to balance out your main meal. Bar food such as grit sticks, potato cheese wedges and good old chicken wings is a lighter option for those who are not as hungry.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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