A1 Bistro may not be what you think it is. Restaurant - nope. Cafe - nope. Car mechanic center? - nope. In fact, it's merely a mamak with a good variety delicious dishes. If you're looking for a place to crab a quick breakfast, this is definitely one of the options available. Don't have to go too far if you're around the vicinity.

Inside, you'll find what most mamak offers - tables, chairs and a large section fitted for those large grill. Nothing too fancy, everything is fairly normal. By 10am, they'll be preparing the nasi kandar section where tens of veggies are being brought out along with the curry brothers. If you're a fan of nasi kandar, A1 Bistro will do you justice. 

Aside from that, roti and maggi goreng too are quite a hit around here. Though the curry served may not be as good as some of the best restaurants out there, it is still decent enough to pair with some freshly made roti telur or roti boom. Looking for something a little more luxurious? Go for the roti tissue or roti pisang. They're all delicious. 

Finally, what is mamak without their signature sweetened drinks? Hell, if diabetes had a headquarters, these types of places would definitely be the first in mind. Their drinks are incredibly sweet but fred not, you have the option (if not the power) to tell them to 'kurang manis' every, single, cup, of drinks ordered. Unless of course, sugar is your best friend then by all means, go ahead.