If you ever caught yourself wandering the streets of Cheras on the prowl for authentic Thai food, promptly haul yourself to A Wet Thai Cafe where decadent good Thai eats await. Located at the corner of Jalan Kaskas, this particular food joint is rather hard to miss with its signage sporting a large bobbling head of a cartoon chef. A dead give-away, so to speak.

But we digress. With a rather basic interior setting aiming for practicality as opposed to aesthetics, this particular Thai gourmet venture boasts an extensive amount of Thai culinary delicacies. To start off, under its culinary belt, A Wet Thai Cafe has the all-too-enticing kerabu dish to tease the palates, paving way for a more sumptuous meal to come. Their most sought out version of the kerabu is the mango kerabu, where young mangoes are sliced to thin, long noodle-like strands and tossed about with the company of shallots, lettuce, chilli as well as aromatic deep-fried shrimp chips. A concoction of their own design using mainly lime, sugar and salt help gives the dish its characteristic zing while the chilli provides the spicy kick. Other version such as the seafood kerabu variant is available here as well. 

And now that you're ready to pursue the main courses, A Wet brings about a storm of Thai culinary marvels that comes in the form of poultry, pork, lamb as well as a myriad of seafood dishes, cooked in countless of ways with a discernible Thai twist. For their chicken dish, be sure to give their savoury and spicy Green Curry steamed chicken dish a try while fans of fried chicken can perhaps opt for the fried poultry glazed with Thai sauce. For pork dishes, Thai style barbecued pork is the thing around here so perhaps you can keep your eyes peeled for that. Seafood wise, with its assortment of sea dwelling ingredients ranging from fish to squid, to prawns and crabs, patrons can never go wrong if they decide to partake in A Wet's Tom Yam fare, riddled with throngs of seafood goodness complemented by the characteristic sourish spicy tang of the broth. Sensational.

However, in the light of all these description, woefully enough, we are barely skimming the surface in terms of what A Wet has to offer hence if it's variety coupled with reasonable pricing that you're looking for, A Wet is your go-to food joint when it comes to dishing out delicious Thai food.

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