4Get Hotpot is a steamboat/hotpot restaurant located in Kepong. It is the brainchild of a man known to most as Max, who was ever eager to share his love and passion for steamboat/hotpot with a larger audience. The slightly quirky name of the restaurant was Max’s idea of a name that would stick in people’s heads, likely through irony. While the restaurant’s minimalist facade won’t lure customers in in any way, it’s still very commonplace to find this place full of diners that are eager to dine into a great hotpot.

As Max would often say, the essence of a great serving of steamboat comes from the type of broth selected, and fans of steamboat will gladly concur with this notion. Knowing this, 4Get Hotpot has a selection of 7 broth items to choose from, which include their signature Asam Laksa, Pork Bone Bak Kut Teh, Porridge, white curry, herbal, Szechuan Spicy, clear soup and also the tomyam base. A bonus to this is that customers have the option of having a pot with a partition to allow for two soup flavours to be enjoyed.

As far as the ingredients that go into the pot are concerned, there’s quite a bit of variety to be had here. Customers can enjoy seafood such as flower crabs, white pomfret, tiger prawns, squid; meats like chicken, pork, lamb, beef; and other items like dumplings, wantons, white tofu, pork rolls, vege rolls, and a whole lot more.

So head on down to 4Get Hotpot for a memorable steamboat experience, and then some.