Yi Jia Restaurant is a famous Chinese restaurant located in Johor Bahru. The restaurant initially started out in 2007 with it’s first outlet in Setia Indah, which is located near the Malaysia–Singapore Second Link. Since then, the restaurant has grown to have a number of outlets all over the country, including another outlet in Johor Bahru (specifically in Bukit Indah), and two others in the Klang Valley (namely in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling).

When it comes to the food, there’s a very obvious emphasis on seafood dishes, and the restaurant takes pride in that fact. Some of the seafood greatness customers can expect to have at Yi Jia Restaurant include the Honey Crab, Golden Crab and Crispy Chicken. Beyond these, there are a number of other interesting crab preparations to take note of including otak-otak, and white pepper. Other notable seafood dishes include the salted egg prawns, butter prawns, frogs steamed with ginger, and fresh fish (i.e. seabass, river patin, golden pomfret, hamphead snapper etc.) as well as clams cooked in a variety of ways (namely with spicy sauce, with ginger and spring onions or with curry paste).

To compliment these seafood dishes, a plate of white rice or fried rice can be enjoyed along with a slew of stir fried vegetables such as long beans, golden dragon vegetable, and much more. So if you’re looking to satiate that crab fix whilst in Johor Bahru, it’s hard to recommend any other establishment besides Yi Jia Restaurant considering the large customer base and equally large menu.