Nestled along Jalan Harimau Tarom of Taman Century, overlooking the Tebrau highway, Yew Swee is one food eatery in Johor Bahru that has kept staunch, unwavering fans, near and far, coming back for more while steadily garnering new legions of culinary zealots. Why so you ask? The answer lies in a bowl of steamy curry mee, courtesy of Yew Swee.

Feeling a little betrayed by the anti-climatic enlightenment? Don't be because Yew Swee's curry mee -or rather, curry laksa; is among the best there is -if not THE best; as far as Johor is concerned. Packed with an exceedingly high dose of spiciness that will render the taste-buds of those uninitiated aflame with a culinary equivalent of the purgatory flames of hell, this is one curry laksa that many has underestimated and paid a hefty price for: a lifetime of addiction.

Despite utilising quite an amount of coconut milk in its wake to bring about the rich consistency of the curry broth, the dish turned out to be surprisingly pleasant, with much of the creaminess masked by the spiciness of the dish. With the addition of umami-flavoured shrimp extract thrown into the fray, the curry laksa is rendered even more flavourful. 

Noodle base can include the standard fare of laksa noodles, or else be swapped out with vermicelli noodles, yellow noodles and flat rice noodles, just to name a few. Above all else, a heartening meal can be derived from the company of various types of Yong Tau Foo which can be paired with every meal. If that doesn't tingle your senses, nothing will. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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