If you ever found yourself scouring the streets of Johor looking for authentic local delicacies found nowhere else in Malaysia, look around for Johor's Kuey Teow Kia, a noodle dish comprising of flat-rice noodles (hence the name) that are immersed in rich, savoury broth used for braising. That is the general concept for a piping hot bowl of Kuey Teow Kia but now that your interest is piqued, there is no where else better to get those bowl of decadent noodles than in Woon Kiang, a certain Chinese restaurant of Stulang, Johor Bahru.

In Woon Kiang, their delicious Kuey Teow Kia is accompanied by side-dishes of your preference and that usually entails gourmet delicacies such as braised duck, braised pork -both meat and offal; braised eggs, bean-curds, braised chicken feet as well as salted vegetables.

In terms of their braised ducks, the duck is braised to perfection and the resulting dish is duck meat rendered all tender and soft as opposed to its gamy, chewy texture if roasted instead. Couple with the savoury broth that entails a slight tinge of herbal flavours, the tastiness of the duck meat is accentuated further, making it pleasant for the palate. Braised pork wise, the dish can be separated into few sub-selections where patrons can opt for braised pork belly, pork liver, pork tongue and even have a go at their rendition of braised pork skin, which is equally tantalising as the rest with its unique chewy texture. Chicken feet are also part of the menu where the feet are braised to a degree of softness where slightest exertion of pressure would separate the meat -and cartilage; from the boney bits. Truly a gastronomical marvel.

Of course, for non-meat supplements, braised bean-curds and eggs along with salted vegetables are your go-to choices. With its spongy texture, the bean-curds all but soak up the tasty braise broth and every bite will ensure patrons of a mouthful of savoury goodness while the eggs provide a firm bite to your dining experience. The salted vegetables are divided into two distinct variants, one spicy while another is merely sourish albeit both provides a refreshing crunch, texture wise. Add that with a dollop of Woon Kiang's homemade chilli dip, patrons will be ensured of a hearty meal found nowhere else.