Warung Zai Nasi Lemak (Kak Zai) Batu Pahat

Our local favourite nasi lemak can be found almost at any corner of Malaysia within the city centre and even at the outskirts of kampong, but finding a good one is a bit formidable. Within the midst of business in the middle of Batu Pahat town sits one of the best nasi lemak around Johor and manned by a stall named Warung Zai Nasi Lemak. Located within the vicinity near the famous Mat Shah Briyani Gam, Warung Zai Nasi Lemak is almost always full with people especially at noon hour considering that lunch crowds will always want to get their hands on this delicious local delicacy. On weekends on the other hand is no better in the morning with family-folks coming in a bunch to get their breakfast fix here. Lines can be spotted at certain times but any time and sweats is worth one good Kak Zai’s nasi lemak. Warung Zai Nasi Lemak is helmed by the mastermind herself, Kak Zai.

This stall’s nasi lemak has existed for generations dated back almost 30 years ago with Kak Zai’s father being the founder of this stall and later bequeathed his brainchild to her. With the help of Kak Zai’s son, Adha, both of them has been continuing the legacy for quite some time now and it still is a hit just like it was back then. Kak Zai’s nasi lemak is true to its origin with the coconut rice cooked till perfection without degrading its creaminess and the sambal aftertaste is top notch with the right balancing between spiciness and hints of sweetness to it. Other condiments such as Kak Zai’s fried chicken is a must try. With its crispiness and tender juice of the meat, definitely cannot be disregarded. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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