Filled with three Japanese restaurants in the very same row, Jalan Kuning 2 in Taman Pelangi is quite well known amongst the Johor people as a sort of hub for Japanese cuisine, each one with their own loyal following. This brings up Warakuya, one of these Japanese restaurants in the area. This restaurant is known to have large crowds for lunch, and more so in the case of dinner time. The restaurant serves up a wide variety of Japanese cuisine to satisfy the desires of their customers.

As most of us would come to expect from most Japanese restaurants, customers can enjoy a wealth of sushi and sashimi options at Warakuya. Some of these include mango sushi, salmon roe sushi, sashimi platter, fresh oysters, and much more. However, some of the standouts in this category where regulars are concerned is definitely the mango sushi, the “Megajiki Carpaccio Sashimi” and the “ebi mentaki maki sushi”.

This restaurant also goes beyond just serving sushi and sashimi. Customers can enjoy other varieties of Japanese cuisine such as takoyaki, chicken katsu, unagi (eel), tonkotsu ramen and much more. However, you can expect the chef to recommend you the Japanese fried chicken, and the slightly more unconventional gyoza pizza.

To finalise the meal, the pudding of the day is usually served. Lastly, customers can wash down all this great Japanese food with drinks like green tea, sake, beer, and much more. So if you’re looking for great Japanese food, strongly consider Warakuya as an option.