Wak Kentut Nasi Lemak is a funny name for a restaurant. Directly translated, ‘kentut’ means ‘fart’ in English. Wak Kentut is a nickname given by the locals to the father of Botak, the current owner of the shop. Even though it is called ‘fart’, but the delicious aroma of the coconut rice, sambal, and fried chicken served here has been drawing attention of many customers from all over Malaysia. Located at Kulai Besar, this humble stall is offering a very simple plate of nasi lemak that taste astonishingly wonderful.


Each set of the dish consists of coconut rice, sambal, cucumber, and the very famous side dish – ayam rempah or Malay fried chicken. You would be surprise to know that this simple plate needs to go through a detailed process in order to get the delightful flavour every time. The chickens are firstly marinated and battered with spices before moving on to the frying part. What’s interesting is that the chickens have to go through double frying process to guarantee a crispy crust layer with the flesh being juicy and tender.


Each time a new batch is ready, customers can choose for themselves their favourite chicken part. Even after being fried for two times, the chicken doesn’t feel greasy at all! Moving on to the most important part – the rice and sambal. Here at Wak Kentut, they are using good quality of rice that are fluffy and loose which does not stick together in lumps. The aromatic coconut flavour can be smelled and tasted strongly from the rice. As for the sambal, you can taste a hearty and delightful anchovy flavours without seeing any anchovies on your plate. With a not too spicy and not too sweet flavour, the sambal is such a great combination with the coconut rice. So if it happens you are around Kulaijaya area, do stop by this humble stall to taste one of the best nasi lemak in town.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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