No doubt we Malaysians are head over heels for a bowl of scrumptious curry laksa. In Johor, Water Works Laksa House or also known as W.W Laksa House has been an institution living up to its reputation. Since 1970, they have been churning out spicy and savoury curry laksa which are second to none. It’s fairly easy to spot this restaurant along Jalan Kolam Air with its distinctive pink façade and huge signboard. To further stretch your expectations, they have featured in a couple of programs, so why wait?

The doors are open during breakfast and lunch hours, and it’s usually filled with clienteles. The ambiance is rather simple and hot at times. Their gravy is definitely the anchor of attraction, crimson-red in colour and exudes an aromatic fragrance that suffuses throughout the dining area. Yellow noodles and bee hoon are drenched into the broth and generously heaped with cockles, fried fish cake slices, bean sprouts, grated dry basil leaves and splash of fresh cockles. The gravy is mildly spiced and infused coconut milk which complements each spoonful and does not overpower the entire dish.

Besides curry laksa, patrons can also devour their fish otak otak, a highly vaunted traditional snack at any time of the day. Similar to the laksa, it’s made from scratch in the restaurant and elegantly enveloped into banana leaf and grilled to perfection. It’s tender, moist and packed with grounded fish meat which is cooked with coconut milk, curry and rich spices. Wash it all down with a glass of barley. Water works ensure their heirloom recipe works magic on your palate.