There have been a wave of Asian dessert eateries throughout the state of Johor that have enjoyed a decent amount of success. Among these is Tian Yuan Dessert Hut, an Asian dessert parlour located in the state of Johor. The dessert eatery got it’s start in April 2007 with their outlet in Taman University. Since then, they have moved to another outlet in Taman Sutera Utama and have maintained all the regulars over these past few years.

Like most Asian dessert eateries of this nature, one of the staples is a wide selection of tong sui to enjoy which includes sesame paste, peanut paste, ginkgo yuba barley, pumpkin paste, almond paste, and much more. A combination of these different tong sui can be had, as well as being paired with other sweet treats like glutinous rice, as well as sweet corn in the case of the pumpkin paste. On top of this, there are also bean curd desserts with sweet syrup, which are paired with toppings such as gingko nut, chocolate, and brown sugar. Then there’s the red bean soup selection as well as the other dessert soups that can be enjoyed such as winter melon and longan, snow jelly & snow fungus, sweet potato with soup, and a few others. For something more familiar to the local palette, there’s the ice kacang selection which includes mango sago, red bean, cendol, and a number of others.


So if you’re looking to satiate that Asian dessert fix whilst in Taman Sutera Utama, head over to Tian Yuan Dessert Hut.