Glasshouse Tearoom objectives to bring a luxurious lifestyle to their guests. A switch up from the typical teahouses around, customers will be able to experience a classic chic European theme tea setting with a scenic view of a beautiful flower garden. The glasshouse is set in a detached bungalow. Located in Bandar Jaya Putra along a quaint street with other individual F & B outlets here with their own interesting theme.

The interior of Glasshouse Tearoom is utterly gorgeous and stunning. You’ll be greeted with earthy wood floorings, fancy ornaments on the walls and furniture, beautiful chandeliers and with a hefty load of pastel wallpapers. Guests will feel as if they are entering a home instead of a restaurant by the way the glasshouse is decorated. The glasshouse is situated at the back of the bungalow surrounded by pleasant foliage. Shelves of exquisite chic teacups and saucer sets are arranged neatly as a display. A grand piano is placed for anyone who wants to play. If you’re in luck, there’ll be a short piano performance by some of the customers.  

A wide selection of premium teas is a definite crowd pleaser. It comes with charming pots, cups, saucers and teaspoons all with colourful and stylish patterns. The tea gives a pleasant aromatic odour with light yet distinct flavours. If you like a fruity flavour to your tea, try the fruit tea.
The geisha green tea would be more of a natural earthy flavour and the floral and fruity earl grey would be a blend of both flavours infused. These are just one of the top picks that are fairly good in taste. Also, try their special Glasshouse Chocolate Fondue which comes with assorted fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, brownies and 8 scoops (4 flavours) of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.    

Customers are allowed to reserve however bear in mind that you have a 15-minute grace period and it’ll be given to the next customer after. Perfect for weddings, parties or small gatherings. You’ll definitely want to bring your girlfriends along for this one!