The café Brew Orchestra began relatively recently, under the provision of Isaac, the owner. Despite pursuing a different profession before, his love for coffee led him to open up what is arguably the best coffee place in southern Peninsular. The quality of coffee here is beyond comparison as the owner himself is a Q Grader professional cupper, a certificate of excellence in the coffee industry. There are only a handful of such qualified barista in this country, and The Brew Orchestra houses one of them.

The interior looks very inviting with its different furniture for different sections of the floor, and the seemingly minimalist décor is further enhanced by its ceiling decoration that resembles harp strings.

Brew Orchestra’s Cold Drip coffee has a 10-hour long process just for the dripping part, and then left to ferment for a few days. The end result gives out coffee infused with an alcoholic taste, similar to whisky.

One popular brew is called Magic, a double ristretto Cappuccino from Melbourne that embodies a nice aroma with a sweet tinge, even without the use of sugar as Brew Orchestra believes in taking sugar out of the equation.

For a sweet treat to pair with your cup of coffee, go for the source of happiness that comes in the form of waffles. The Classic Waffle has a choice of either chocolate banana or berries, and topped with ice cream and cookie crumbles. There’s also the slightly quirky Uptown Waffles with maple syrup coated bacon, ice cream and mixed fruits.

Bear in mind that the people at Brew Orchestra try their very best to produce premium quality in every cup and every service, but human error is unavoidable at times. Visit with an open mind to ensure that your experience would be a memorable one. Brew Orchestra also serves variations of breakfasts like the Big Breakfast and Eggs Benedict, cakes, as well as non-coffee products like their Specialty Tea and Alternatives. 

In a nutshell, if you love coffee and its regular sidekick dishes, The Brew Orchestra is a must-visit.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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