For more than a decade Tea Garden chain has been offering vast amount of local and international delicacies and also classic Chinese desserts across Malaysia and around our neighbouring country of Indonesia with more than 20 outlets in total. Amazingly enticing its eaters within the span of less than 10 years Tea Garden manage to be one of the best places that serves bountiful amount of scrumptious looking dishes whether it be international or local delicacies such as Malaysian’s favourite breakfast staple, the Nasi Lemak or perhaps a little Italian finesse of Baked Baguette with Tuna and Cheese.

But of course it is almost impossible not to hint on its house special Hainanese Tea when mentioning Tea Garden. This special tea is dated back long ago and claimed to be made by our ancestors by mixing Indian Black Tea, condensed milk, and sugar into one perfect cup which is rich in flavour and very fragrant in herbs. The desserts serve here are not shabby as well in fact Tea Garden has always been known to serve the best Chinese and Cantonese dessert around such as Mango Pudding or Tong Sui that would be prefect to be paired with the herbal tea. The ambience of Tea Garden is always fascinating yet casual with the likeness of a classic kopitiam but with a hint of modern touch that would definitely make for great eatery whilst dine in with family members or friends. In short, Tea Garden is the to go place for some delicious varieties of dishes as well as teas and desserts.