Sushi lovers where you at? There is a reasonable sushi restaurant in town! Located on the ground floor of Tesco Tebrau City this gem is known as Sushi Go. It’s a Japanese restaurant that serves many different kinds of sushi, trust us - you named it, they surely have it.  This restaurant has the simplest setting and theme but worry not, their food is extraordinary. We all grew up thinking that sushi is expensive and high class. And yes, it is rather pricey and some would consider it a luxurious meal. But what’s so insanely unique about this restaurant is that their price is so low that it’s so hard to believe. 

And you may be thinking, with a price that low their food probably doesn't taste so good. You’re wrong. They serve the freshest sushi. For the price you’re paying this is definitely a steal! It’s a perfect place for you to spend some quality time with family and friends. 


There are so many types of sushi you can eat here at Sushi Go, they serve everyone’s favorites. Anyone that loves curry would love their Curry Karaage Chicken Don There is no other better way than to end your day with a bowl of this Curry Karaage Chicken Don! This dish has a perfect combination of the thick curry gravy and deep fried crispy chicken. It definitely will tingle your taste buds!




Other than that, if ramen is one of your favorites, you should try their Chicken Katsu Ramen. Maybe by looking at the picture, the dish looks so basic but it tastes differently when you taste it! The combination of crispy chicken cutlet and the ramen is just perfect. Get your cravings fulfilled here at Sushi Go.







  Moving on, if you plan to eat something light, you could try their Califiornia Maki and also Tempura Moriwase.  Sushi lovers definitely know what is California Maki, it is one of the best sushi rolls and Sushi Go serves the best! This sushi roll is prepared with cucumber, crabsticks, egg and rice then coated with masago outside. Also, anyone that loves seafood should try their Tempura Moriwase. The crispiness of the tempura would taste even better when you dip it with the soy sauce.



 But one thing you must and need to to try is their Emperor Dragon Ball. It is like the normal sushi that’s filled with a prawn tempura in it but what’s so different is that this dish has super thin mango slices on top of it. These combination is one of the best we’ve had as the sweetness and the sourness is the perfect balance! If you ever go to Sushi Go, you need to try this.