Fancy your tongue dancing with sultry, soulful, spicy yet authentic Indian cuisine? Then head over down south to Spice Villa at the family-oriented yet casually luxurious Holiday Villa in Johor Bahru!

Spice Villa extends their invitation to their dearest customers as they embark on a soul-inspiring gastronomical journey, exploring the most diverse of all cuisines in the world -- Indian cuisine. With the most dynamic flavours ranging from intense to subtle, fiery to delicate, Indian food has withstood the test of time whilst retaining its individualism. 

For those who prefer a genuine al fresco dining experience, comfortable outdoor seating is provided. Fully halal-certified Indian food is offered, yet  the essence of Indian authenticity in their cooking is never lost.

A wonderful choice for group dining experiences and parties, Spice Villa takes bookings, but walk-ins are always welcome. Table service is expected to ensure customers feel relaxed, soaking in the ambience as they indulge in the Villa's passionately-crafted food. Additionally, takeaway services are available. 

Be ready for some potent, heady surprises as you delight yourself with the specialties that Spice Villa has to offer: Whether it is a comfy yet authentic traditional dish, appetite-whetting starters, or a decadent pleasurable dessert, what stands out in character is the Indian flavours and aroma which is at the very heart of India. 

Although the restaurant is still at its infancy as it was only launched in May 2016, its bustling busyness during dining hours is testament to its quality of food and its considerable success.