Tucked away from the hectic Johor Bahru city, Sin Bee Hiang Chicken Rice Stall is another underrated gem that is mostly known only among the locals. In order to spot this humble stall, you must first find an eatery called Agape Food court and look for it in between the other available stalls. To the local folks, the ‘kampung’ chicken served here is definitely the specialty of this place. Being a hawker since 16 years old, Mr. Lee runs his little business alongside his lovely wife for over 30 years now. In order to maintain the quality of his delicacies, Mr. Lee will go to the wet market personally at 5.00am to select the best quality chicken.


This stall is offering both fried chicken (roasted chicken) and poached chicken. Now, here’s the interesting part of it. The fried chicken is made using battery chicken, while the poached chicken is made with kampong chicken. Regulars love how the chicken meat is juicy, tender, and has a bouncier texture in comparison with the regular battery chicken. Even the skin is smooth and soft with a delightful natural flavour from the chicken released in each bite.


Before handing the chicken to you, they will drizzle a mixture of soy sauce and sesame oil on top of the chicken that will balance the chicken’s natural flavours perfectly. Even the rice gives out a really nice chicken aroma to it with a hint of greasiness. As condiments, homemade chili sauce and chicken soup are served alongside the dish. The chili sauce tastes savoury spicy, while the watery soup has a really nice pure chicken flavour to it. It is literally the chicken soup for the soul. So, if you are looking for a really good and authentic chicken rice around JB, Sin Bee Hiang Chicken Rice Stall is highly recommended.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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