First of its kind, Siam House Restaurant was first established back in 2009 with the utmost aim to perfect a service of providing the most authentic Thai cuisine around Johor Bahru. The name Siam House is no longer a strange name in the household of Johoreans and also Singaporeans. Located in the heart of Taman Molek where cafes and restaurants have been mushrooming in during the past couple of years, Siam House started off as a passion that was accumulated as a result after years of experiencing cuisine and local dishes all around Thailand. Given the name Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok as the capital of Thailand are the centrals to have the most authentic Thai delicacies, such experiencing visits are now well brought to the most southern part of Malaysia and Singapore.

 Alike of the hefty range of Thai delicacies, the menu in Siam House is quite extensive too ranging from seafood platter to noodle dishes. The famous Phad Thai, a glass noodle dish is also available and a hit among the patrons. But of course one can never mention Thai restaurant without highlighting their best delicacy of Tom Yam Kung and Siam House sure do make one of the best in Johor be it your clear white broth of Tom Yam or the piquant hot red broth stinging your tongue on every sip. Nevertheless, the experience here will be well assured especially when Siam House wooden setting and Rama statue standing on the walk away is greeting every customers coming in. The RAMA lounge is free to be used for much private catering.