To the seafood go-getters, San Low Seafood restaurant would quench your cravings for fresh Chinese local seafood. San Low is an entire open spaced hawker styled restaurant with only one stall running. This seafood restaurant humbly began 30 years ago which started off as a small hawker stall and grew in size and have formed into a successful restaurant attracting locals and Singaporeans.


It is located at a residential estate with narrow roads, thus parking can sometimes be a little bit frustrating. Although it is an open-spaced environment, large fans are placed around each corner of the restaurant. It is built from a wide and open spaced concept where customers are able to see the chefs cook their meals. San Low is not your typical seafood restaurant where there are tanks or aquariums of fishes and other seafood displayed but rather more of a tzer char (Chinese style cuisine) restaurant.


The main dishes are mainly seafood. What makes it unique is that customers are also allowed to select the type of seafood they want and the chef cooks based on the particular seafood chosen. Aside from seafood, San Low’s signature dish; the San Low Bee Hoon a typical fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli). Although it looks rather ordinary, the crispy exterior of the bee hoon tastes extraordinary.


Aside from the glorified crispy golden bee hoon, San Low’s Seafood black pepper crab, steamed squid, Hong Kong Kai Lan and wild boar meat are a must try. The overall quality of the food has kept to its respectable standards always leaving customers to come back for more.


A small tip in hand: weekdays are often less crowded while most weekend nights are fully packed. Also, be aware that due to the busy crowd, the waiters may not be able to get your attention as much