Restoran Sam Kong is a Chinese restaurant located along Jalan Ungku Mohsin and just below the Johor Bahru Kwangxi Association office. The restaurant has history that dates all the way back to the 1930’s, when a Chinese man coming from the Guangxi region of China migrated to Malaysia and started selling curry mee and laksa at the tuck shop of Foon Yew Primary School in Jalan Trus (hence why it was called Jalan Trus laksa), by the grand stilted bungalow that belonged to Tan Hiok Nee – the most prominent Chinese businessman then. As a result, the curry mee and laksa served is noted as being one of the oldest in the state. In this day and age, Restoran Sam Kong is the dedicated platform to serve the famous curry mee and laksa under the management of the original owner’s grandson (largely referred to as Mr. Yong), who also serves some other dishes from the Guangxi region.

One of these dishes is the Guangxi chicken rice, which differs slightly from the Hainanese and Cantonese style chicken rice that’s commonly found all over the country. While the poaching methods employed are the same as far as the chicken goes, the one component that makes Guangxi chicken rice differ from the rest is the nam dipping sauce, which replaces the garlic and ginger paste most of us are used to. The sauce is comprised of a complex blend of fried garlic and onions, parsley, chopped ginger, spring onions, Chinese chives, dark soy sauce, and sesame oil.


Ultimately, Restoran Sam Kong is an eating destination in Johor that can’t be skipped as it has stood the test of time and then some.


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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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