Restoran Shahab @ Taman Universiti, Skudai Skudai

Among the many famous delicacies of Indian and Persian, biryani rice seems to be the most well known throughout the world and the crowd at large cannot seem to get enough of. Fortunately for Malaysian, this delicacy is easily available as good ones too. Among the many places in Johor, Restoran Shahab Beriani House is claimed to be one of the best places to get your crave for Nasi Briyani fix. Located in Taman Universiti where students of nearby universities swarm themselves in for a fixed daily lunch, Restoran Shahab sits itself among the few Middle Eastern restaurants that are always packed with throngs of people coming in and out and the Shahab’s itself is no less jam packed.

Since Johor Bahru is known for Nasi Briyani gam where the most authentic one could be gotten in Batu Pahat, since then many had claim to resemble it the most but Restoran Shahab is assured to make an authentic Nasi Briyani gam as the cook manning the place himself was raised in Batu Pahat and the years of expertise and knowledge are all boiled down to one perfect plate of Nasi Briyani. Restoran Shahab first opened its door back in 2007 and since then patrons will always opt for it whenever the crave for Briyani suddenly hits – definitely comes in handy especially when there are no weddings to attend to over the near weekend. With varieties to choose from to top the nasi briyani with such as lamb, chicken, or beef that is brimming under the fragrant of herbs and spices, Restoran Shahab is an absolute not-to-be-missed place.