It is quite hard to come across a good ‘mamak’ place where they serve mouth-watering dishes. Well, in Johor there is the Restoran Sayed waiting for your presence to savour a few of their famous fare. Occupying the corner lot of the end of Persisiran Perling to Jalan Camar 2, it is like they have expected guests to increase throughout the years. Though only limited parking spaces, it is still not a factor to stop everyone else for their daily dose of food.

Never miss out their fried Tandoori Chicken. The aroma itself will take your breath away when you first step in the place. Neatly arranged behind the counter with the crunchiness still intact, we are not surprised there is one full plate on each table.

Another factor for customers is their Fried Maggi. Often called Maggi Goreng for a more localized sense, the dish is added with a lot of ingredients for a more fulfilling course. They are very generous with their vegetables that is for sure.

Moving on to the roti side, we recommend the thosai and the chapati because what is a ‘mamak’ without a touch of Indian food? The thosai batter is cooked to a crispy texture before serving and the best part is, it still melts in your mouth! The chapati's texture is no less as the thickness and the elasticity makes it worth your money. Both dishes are served with curry and chutney.

For authentic soup lovers, give the ‘sup kambing’ a try. The meat is tender and is soft enough to chew plus the soup is of great taste, with no less compared to a lamb stock.