Located just across the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway lies Restoran Kam Long, a Chinese restaurant located in Johor Bahru that has been in operation for more than 3 decades. Unlike a large number of Chinese restaurants similar to this, this restaurant only serves one dish and have been doing so for all these years – curry fish head. The dish is so popular that it has come to the point where you’ll have to rule out coming here for lunch and arrive for breakfast instead as the crowd fills this restaurant in the mornings, also taking into account all the fish is finished midway in the afternoon.

When it comes to this famous bowl of curry fish head, only fresh red snapper fish heads are used. As far as the curry itself is concerned, it is made using a variety of spices normally found in Malay and Indian curries, as well as having coconut milk, ladies’ fingers, cabbage, long beans, fried tofu skin, and tau kee (soy bean sticks) which are all cooked in a claypot. One of the things to note about this pot of fish curry is that it is less tangy than other servings of fish curry out there. This pot of fish curry goes well with a steaming plate of rice, which is often the case in the restaurant.

In short, very few places pull off a great bowl of curry fish head at the level of that served in Restoran Kam Long, so going to the restaurant is most certainly worth the trip.