Restoran BP(Batu Pahat) Bariani Power is a well known Indian Muslim restaurant that focuses predominantly on briyani rice dishes. This restaurant has gained quite a reputation for serving some of the best Nasi Bariani Gam Johor around for many years, which is a favourite in Batu Pahat. With the help of the loyal regulars that frequent the restaurant, the restaurant has been able to expand outside of the state of Johor, with another outlet located in Melaka.

As far as the briyani rice here is concerned, the other style of biryani rice besides the bariani gam is the original preparation, which can be enjoyed with either chicken, ayam masak merah, mutton, and beef; all in a similar fashion to that of the more well known bariani gam.

The plates of biryani rice can be enjoyed with a number of side dishes that go beyond a serving of dhal curry, chicken curry and mutton curry. Some of these include spicy fried chicken, spicy fruit pickles, and tea infused eggs. BP Bariani Power also does catering services, with a few other menu items to be had such as tomato rice, chicken/beef rendang, beef kurma, mutton kuzi, prawn sambal, and sweet sour fish to name a few.

To cool and cleanse the palette after the meal, one of the standout drinks at BP Bariani Power is the sirap bandung, which also has the addition of ice cream soda in it to add in the fizzy element that's missing in most glasses of this classic local drink. So it's quite clear that BP Bariani Power is a trusted name where biryani rice is concerned and is very much worth the try.

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