Restaurant Kang Wei maintains their traditional 'Kopitiam' style which their customers can taste the authentic Malaysian breakfast-kaya butter toast and boiled egg while tasting the others delicious cuisines at the same time. There are many stalls in Restaurant Kang Wei such as chicken rice stalls,nasi-lemak stalls, mixed rice stalls, duck noodles stalls and their most famous Ah Lou prawn mee stalls fruits stalls and so on.

The traditional boiled egg with soy sauce and black pepper.

Variety options of side dishes for the mixed rice stalls. All of these dishes are always freshly cooked by the owner's husband in the kitchen of Restaurant Kang Wei.

Duck meat noodles are one of the most popular stalls in Restaurant Kang Wei because of its thick and savory broth with slightly spicy home-made chili sauce.

'Uncle's Pan Mee' is what local people called the owner. Their noodles are always so bouncy and chewy.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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