The ever famous and growing ChangMan dim sum on Jalan Bestari in Johor lives up to much of its highly rated reviews since its rise in 2013. Dim sum, accepted nowadays as the perfect meal or snack for almost anytime of the day especially for breakfasts in the wee hours of the morning, can be found in every state of Malaysia. While this is awesome for the expansion of the traditional cuisine, many of them would not meet one's satisfaction at all. Leaving your cravings to grow - but not ChangMan!

The restaurant here is renown for its value in service and food quality, though it may be expected to fluctuate during peak hours. To quote some very satisfied customers, it is said that they heat up the food right after receiving customers' orders and is served piping hot, even at peak hours during breakfast or brunch. Not to mention that the prices are quite reasonable, too. The place is as clean as a coffee shop (kopitiam) can be and their employees are patient, well-mannered and helpful all the time. Best of all, the restaurant is air-conditioned!

A list of must tries include the ever popular Siew Mai, Char Siew Rice Roll, Prawn Roll, and Yam Scallop. The oozing Green Tea Salted Egg Custard Buns is not one to be missed and the fried carrot cake (lobak) has a crispy exterior whilst being ever so soft and creamy on the inside. The best of all however, is the Xiao Long Bao with a broth so flavourful encased in supple and light dumpling. On a side note, they also serve really delicious steamed chicken rice and char siew rice

If you're looking for the right place to be on a trip or if you happen to live around the area and wanna have a great dim sum experience, ChangMan is definitely the place to be.