Budget eaters, here is one place just for you! For only less than RM20, you are able to choose from a large range of all-you-can-eat steamboat ingredients. However, the catch is you must be able to finish whatever that has been taken or else an additional RM5 will be charged to the bill for wastage of food.

Despite it being known as a Chinese restaurant, it is certified ‘halal’ therefore our Muslim friends can proceed to eat without the need to worry! It is also a common area for all races to eat there because of its affordable price and fresh selection of meat and seafood. Don’t forget to grab some blocks of butter and the tightly-rationed packets of chopped garlic from the counter indoors.

Soup choices include the usual chicken soup and also Tomyam if you would like to spice things up. Another interesting thing is they have a handful of different kinds of sauces to choose from namely barbecue, Thai green sauce, Sambal belacan and many more to go with your food. They serve fruit cordials and also fizzy drinks as refreshments and again, it is unlimited flow! For those who prefer a glass of hot water, just add RM2. For dessert, they serve a nice range of ais krim potong, including durian, red bean, corn, cempedak and cendol.

You don’t have to worry about parking because there is a vast roadside parking available near the restaurant but it will be a hassle if it is full house.

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